Redesigning BCA Mobile App — a UX Case Study

Recently, Banking has taken a lot of digitization steps. Therefore, digital banking services must meet the needs of their users

BCA mobile became the application that I chose to redesign because of the many complaints about the application from several users I met as well as reviews on the app store.


Due to time constraints, I used the framework design sprint approach to complete the redesign of this application.


The research was conducted with the aim of knowing clearly what features are used and what problems are encountered when users use the BCA Mobile application.

The research was carried out by distributing survey questionnaires to the closest people.


From the results of the research I did, I found that there are 3 features of this application that users are concerned about and are very interesting to redesign :

1. View balance information
2. Registering a new account transfer
3. Using Virtual Accounts


User Persona

User Needs

1. Requires easy access to login to the BCA Mobile application
2. Want to see the account balance easily
3. Can make transfers to a new account without having to send SMS


1. Feeling that there are too many steps to check the balance
2. Logging into the application feels complicated
3. To transfer a new account, you must register out from app to SMS

How Might We?

How to increase the effectiveness of using BCA Mobile so it doesn’t take up too much time?

Competitor Analysis

I did a competitor analysis to validate whether this BCA mobile application does have more steps in carrying out a task

The “OG” BCA Mobile App
Jenius and Mandiri Mobile App
BNI Mobile App

It is true that the BCA Mobile application requires more steps to complete a task than other banking applications.

Let’s Ideate!

Sketching the ideas
Crazy 8s for layout


Checking Balance Account
Transfer Bank
Virtual Account


Account Balance

Account Balance

Money Transfer

Money Transfer
Money Transfer (2)

Virtual Account

Virtual Account
Virtual Account (2)

Usability Testing

In usability testing, I give 3 tasks that must be done by the user

1. Checking account balance

2. Make transactions between accounts

3. Make virtual account transactions

Testing is carried out virtually via zoom

Feedback Grid

Feedback Grid

Worked well

  • It’s easier to check the account balance
  • Transfers no longer require SMS
  • Jump to an already saved account

Needs to change

  • Not only Face ID, but also Fingerprint Scan to Login

New ideas to try

  • Provides feature to hide and show the account balance
  • When opening credentials, use biometrics too

Unanswered question

  • Is hiding balance also part of security?

Things I learned

Because the limited time provides a limit in the process of exploring ideas.

The research data obtained turned out to be valid data, that most users of this application felt the same frustration.

Thank you for checking out my first UX Study Case, feel free to leave a comment for me to improve my future writing 😊

Junior UI/UX Designer